[PRESS RELEASE] MDValuate Examines 4 Stages of the Patient Journey


Industry Leader’s New White Paper Offers Strategies for Optimizing Each Step of the Process

optimizing-the-patient-journey.pngMDValuate, an industry leader in digital physician performance and patient feedback technology, announced it is publishing a guide to help healthcare practices optimize their patient acquisition strategies. The white paper, Optimizing the Patient Journey: The Key to Attracting More Patients, is available for free download at http://www.mdvaluate.com/how-to-optimize-the-patient-journey-to-attract-more-patients.

The “patient journey” is unique to each person who searches for a physician. While traditional doctor-to-doctor referrals remain incredibly important in driving new patients, today’s healthcare consumers enjoy access to a variety of digital sources to vet and self-select physicians who best match their needs. As consumer choice increasingly drives healthcare revenue, marketing teams must be proactive in not only monitoring, but also actually improving their physicians’ online profiles. The new white paper from MDValuate explains the patient journey and how optimizing each stage of that journey can increase patient acquisition through digital marketing and physician referrals.

Among the guide’s features:

  • A peek into of the four stages of the patient journey, from pre-appointment referral to post-appointment online reviews
  • How to optimize for online search, social media and physician selection as part of the consumer’s digital experience
  • Ways to capture and publish an optimal number and quality of reviews on physician ratings websites

“A majority of patients will research a physician online after being referred to them,” says Tod Baker, MDValuate’s CEO and Co-Founder. “So every digital touch point is an important facet of the patient journey. Optimizing each stage along this selection process helps organizations stay front-and-center when a consumer is ready to make a decision. Our new white paper offers new insights to healthcare providers and their marketing teams to make the most of the patient journey.”

For additional information about this white paper or MDValuate’s innovative solutions, visit the company’s website at http://www.mdvaluate.com.

About MDValuate

MDValuate provides healthcare technology solutions that help provider organizations transform immediate patient feedback into value. Executives at hospitals and physician groups rely on MDValuate’s customizable SaaS-based platform because its cost-effective, quick and easy to deploy, and provides actionable analytics aligned with one’s strategic objectives. MDValuate is built and led by a team of healthcare solutions pioneers that helped to create the online physician ratings industry 20 years ago. For more information about MDValuate’s solutions, visit http://www.mdvaluate.com.